Released 1993, NBA Jam was an over the top basketball game that was a 2 VS. 2 format.And if you were like me then this game ate up a bunch of your quarters until it was released on home game consoles and set for the bar other over the top sports games.

NBA Jam featured over the top dunks and "dirty gameplay" and by that I mean there wasn't any fouls or lame free throws. You could also become "on fire" which meant you had to make 3 shots in a row and then you would be on fire. This gave you unlimited turbo and up your percentage of making a shot. If the other teamed scored then your fire ended. But you still had to watch for goal tending and the 24 second clock. And who could forget the legendary announcer, BOOM SHAKA LAKA!


Of course missing in the original NBA Jam is Michael Jordan. Midway the game's developer never gotten the rights to use MJ's likeness or name becuase MJ owns his own and not the NBA.

This was and still is a great game to play and we have seen several NBA Jam games along the way and yes everyone one of them are fantastic.