Anyone who has ever even thought about getting a tattoo has heard that they need to be sure to think it through and to get something they can look at everyday for the rest of their life without regretting the decision to get it.I got my first tattoo in March of 2008, Woody was there to video the entire thing and literally hold my hand through it (I HATE NEEDLES!)
After I was all inked up no one in my family believed that I had gone through with it and all laughed and said, yeah I guess that's your first and last right?

That always seems to be the way it goes with tattoo's, the first response is make sure you can live with it, and most people will say "oh, this is the only one I'm going to get"...... ask a person with a tattoo if that's their only one, chances are they have at least two, if not more.

This guy takes making sure you can live with it to a whole new level, his name is Ron Jones and he has become known as the Route 66 Tattoo Man.

Jones has more than 100 tattoos all dedicated to everything from billboards and road signs that can be found all along Route 66 to various makes of cars.

Check out this video of Ron explaining how he became the Route 66 Tattoo Man.