It seems these days you can not go anywhere without hearing something about Facebook. Everyone, and I MEAN EVERYONE I know has a Facebook page, yes EVEN my mom!By now all of you have probably heard that on July 12, 2012 Facebook with shut down. According to an interview with Mark Zuckerberg back in May maintaining the site has just become too stressful and in an effort to relieve himself, and now his new bride of that stress, the social network site used by millions will officially be shut down as of next month.

We have all heard rumors that Facebook would start charging user, we have heard before it will be shut down for various reason, is this just another one of those rumors or is there truth to this one?

I seriously don't know, what I do know is if it is real, I need to figure out how to save all my pictures before it does so I can see all the pictures of what I have eaten for lunch over the past 2 years!

Here is a link to the story, check it out and decide for yourself...