Not that we ever need a reason to throw down and do the hang, but February 21st will be Fat Tuesday, yet another reason to come out and rock with us and the Saliva boys.

It'll be the last hoorah before Lent, and we're gonna throw the FMX Parti Gras at Wreckers on 18th and I-27 down in the Depot District.  The boys from Memphis, Saliva, are coming to town, showcasing their new singer, Bobby Amaru, and brand new single "All Around the World".

Also on this Fat Tuesday feast will be Siva Addiction, out of Oklahoma City, and Fallen Within, from Walnut Ridge Arkansas, which are both managed by Saliva drummer Paul Crosby. There will be no pre-sale tickets, as tickets will be available at the door on February 21st for $15.

Think you could ride this for eight seconds? Think about it as you check out the video...