As I sat here tonight, the calendar alert on my phone went off, then a few minutes later my email alerts for three different email addresses all went off.

As I looked down at my phone to make sure I had not forgotten about an appointment, I saw the date and did not even have to look at the reminder, and I had to smile...

Just then I remembered today is the big day for my buddy Wayne Swinney; September 3 is the day the new Saliva album "In It To Win It" drops.

That means the "official" new beginning for the guys.

For those of you who haven't been paying attention for the past several years and are unaware, there is a new lead singer in Saliva, (I was given the honor of introducing Mr. Bobby Amaru as the new singer for the band, thank you boys!!)

Wayne recently told Guitar World magazine how the addition of Amaru has pumped new life into the band without completely changing the sound of the band.

This new album is sort of a rebirth for the band, new singer, new label (Rum Bam), new formula to writing (all four of the guys worked together writing most of the new stuff) and new producer (Bobby Huff, who has done work with Halestorm, Drowning Pool, and  Papa Roach) all while staying true to the bands original style.

I could go on and on about how awesome this new record is (I have heard several of the new songs and let me tell you this CD ROCKS!!), but rather than take my word for it let me encourage you to get your very own copy today.

Wayne, Bobby, Dave, and Paul, you  nailed it with this one my brothers! We absolutely cannot wait for you guys to come back to town and play these new tunes here in Lubbock!

Want some? Get ya some...