Maybe it's time for you to get out of the Hub City for a rock and roll road trip this weekend. Here's what you do, jump in your ride and make the two hour drive down to Odessa for a Friday Redneck Freak-show with Saliva.

The boys are on the road in support of their eighth disc "In It to Win It".  This new album is sort of a rebirth for the band, new singer, new label (Rum Bam), new formula to writing (all four of the guys worked together writing most of the new stuff) and new producer (Bobby Huff, who has done work with Halestorm, Drowning Pool, and  Papa Roach) all while staying true to the bands original style.

Wayne recently told Guitar World magazine how the addition of Amaru has pumped new life into the band without completely changing the sound of the band.

Maybe I'll see you at Graham Central Station down in Odessa on Friday!