A huge thank you goes out to the guys of Filter and Saliva for another rocking show Friday night! The "Room of Doom" at Jake's was packed and the fans were rockin'.

Despite a few technical issues at the beginning of the show and a blown speaker halfway through the third song, Josey and the boys kept the energy and the crowd up delivering one hard hitting hit after another. From where I was in the crowd it seemed like everyone, young and old, was having a great time (there was even a little guy right up against the stage in front of Wayne rocking out at his first ever rock show)!

One of my favorite things about working a rock show is getting out there and meeting the listeners and hearing y'alls experiences with the music, where you were when you first heard a band, what your favorite songs are and stuff.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported live music here in the Hub! For those of you that missed it check out the pictures and the video clips from the show, and I hope to see you guys at the next show!