It's official, September 3rd is the release date for the eighth full-length album from the boys from Memphis.

You may've gotten the chance to see Saliva with new singer Bobby Amaru back a couple months ago, and if you did, you know this new stuff is spunky and rocking.

After the departure of Josey Scott, it seems the band has been forced to basically start over and go back to square one. We'll see how this new record propels them, and frankly, I'm sure the album will kick some serious tush.

Here's the track listing:


1. Animal

2. She Sure Can Hide Crazy

3. In It to Win It

4. Choke

5. Redneck Freakshow

6. Lost

7. 1000 Eyes

8. Flesh

9. The Enemy

10. Rise Up

11. I Don't Want It

12. I.D.N.A.E

13. No One But Me

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 3rd and go out and pick you up a copy...