Oh man do I hate to even respond to this, but when supposed intelligent people start passing stuff like this around, it's hard not to comment.  From the same folks who brought you "911 Was An Inside Job", it's "Sandy Hook Was Staged To Take Our Guns".  Oh my gawd, so people are so freakin' stupid it's hard to believe I reside on the same planet as them.  More after the jump.


I'm not going to pull apart the Sandy Hook Conspiracy theories one by one.  The main claim is that it was staged to 'help pass the U.N. small arms treaty'.  Now there are two things at work here.  Number one is that people can't believe that one person is capable of so much evil and would lash out for no real reason.  WRONG.  I can give you a million examples, but let's just say, Hitler...or Manson...or Bin Laden.  Regular folks do develop or finally reveal a loose wire and do evil things. It happens, now shut up.

Part two is, some people don't understand real power.  Real power means you don't have to stage jack and or squat. The President has real power. The U.S. has real power.  If they wanted to take your guns away, they would take your guns away. They don't need an excuse. Do know that the average amount of gun deaths in children is about 110 a year?  Think about that, that's FIVE times the Sandy Hook massacre.  The government wouldn't need the point of a mass shooting to make guns illegal, it already has the proof FIVE times over each year.  In fact, the Sandy Hook massacre has taken the focus off of all guns and put it squarely just on semi and automatic weapons.  Why would they want you to focus on one kind of firepower if they wanted to get rid of all firepower?

I got the message about this conspiracy with the tagline "makes you think".  No, it makes you stupid. It turns your brain into bread pudding. I personally am not going to stand by while someone cheapens the death of these kids to further their own interests.  It's these kind of nuts that are the problem. These are the people taking the focus off the real problems. They are the bright flashing lights that keep you from seeing what is right in front of you.  Crazy is crazy. Lennon's killer was crazy. The guy who shot Reagan was crazy. The Sandy Hook Shooter was NUTS (I purposely refuse to name these assbags and give them any "glory", that's another part of the problem).

Don't be the wide eyed innocent who passes this trash along. Don't be the paranoid nut that perpetuates these insults to intelligence.  These things claiming that actions were taking for a political agenda, ARE in themselves putting forward a political agenda. Please don't contribute to the crazy, there's plenty of it  out there already.