I have a 'thing' for Sarah Silverman. I just love this naughty wench. I love her babydoll voice talking dirty. I love how she is amazingly hot and I'm the only one that seems to notice. I want to do bad, bad things to her. In this video, Sarah is actually delivering an amazingly expletive filled rant about voter suppression laws. It's not matter to me. She could be talking about anything and I'd watch. More after the jump.


I'll let Sarah tell you the heinousness of these voter i.d./voter suppression laws, but do yourself a favor and research 'voter fraud'; there never really was any.  This is just another way for one group of people to take a shortcut to get what they want. It's a little embarrassing when you trample over someone else s rights for your own benefit.  There's a ton of foul language here from me girl, so beware, or be like me...........................and enjoy it!