I find this story hilarious. I also find it absolute proof of why there should be separation of church and state as laid out by our constitution.  You see what we have a group who took advantage of a loophole to push their views and now they've opened the door for Satanists.


It's simple, everybody thinks prayer in schools is a good idea, as long as it's THEIR TYPE of prayer.  The minute a kid started a Jewish prayer or someone prays to ALLAH, all of a sudden "prayer in schools" isn't such a good idea.

So, we had a group fight to put the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma City Capitol.  They won this right under the argument that this was a public space and they were entitled to express their religious views on a public space. Courts will generally allow this with the caveat that ALL must get to express their views then.  This brings to mind the recent mini-flap over a "Festivus Pole" made of beer cans being placed near a Christmas tree in Wisconsin.

So this group of "Satanists" have proposed a giant Baphomet statue.  Now, I find "Satanism" about as ridiculous as anything but this proves the point, you can't have freedom of religion unless you give everyone freedom of religion.  It's best you keep your religion at home, in church or in your daily life and quit trying to push it into public places.

Here's a link to the full story.