If you want to bring up the past with Scott Weiland, he has been very lucky to not only be alive but front two very influential rock bands. Now we give ol' Scotty the credit, with Stone Temple Pilots and he fronted Velvet Revolver and was removed from both bands. So of course his response was to kick off a solo tour.

There isn't any denying the influence that STP has had in the world of rock and roll, 6 studio album and countless tours around the world. And after years of drug abuse and the tension in STP, Scott Weiland was removed from Stone Temple Pilots, again.

Now lets talk about Velvet Revolver, that was a great band which featured Guns And Roses without Axl Rose but with Scott Weiland on vocals, and through 2 studio which were great albums he was removed AGAIN as frontman this time from VR. And lets not forget about that awesome solo Christmas album that he put out last year.


Scott Weiland has problems and with all the chances he has been given over and over again you would think that he would chalk it up and just be cool. Well he just can't stand and has to give what fans he has left and give us a solo tour.

I wish Scott Weiland all the luck in the world with his solo stuff, but the past will repeat its self and his solo work will never equal what his former bands use to have. So the only thing that is left for him to do is perform his former hits with some band and he can do whatever he wants to while he is on the road.