I'm calling Scream 4 a win on every level (except the super crappy alternative music they use). Once again, my review will have no spoilers. I went on the first day so no one would ruin it for me and I'm not going to ruin it for you.

First off, if you're a "Scream' fan like me, this will wash the taste of Scream 3 out of your brain, in fact it could have been Scream 3. Now you're going to hear some people complain that there's too many characters and this leads to less character development, but I think it works on two levels. 1. They needed to up the body count and 2. they're making a Scream movie for an A.D.D. generation.

The movie has a very satisfying ending and wrap up. You're not going to walk away saying "I wish they would have done....." or anything. What I hope is that it leads to Scream 5, if they do a Scream 5 they don't have to reintroduce the format to a new generation, they can just pick up with some good ole hack and slash. Also, this movie earns its rating due to gore, but these days you can almost see as much on CSI or Criminal minds.

Lastly, props go to the editor that cut the movie trailers, what you think you know from the movie trailers isn't even correct all the time. They've cut some questions from one part of the movie to answers from another part and so on. This was very clever editing and it allows you to see the movie virtually spoiler free.

I would recommend that you see it immediately before some jackass spoils it for you. I'm giving it 4 1/2 out of 5 Nightmares.