Scream was the first movie I ever watched twice, back-to-back.  It took everything I loved about horror movies, stripped away the cheese and brought it up to date.  One of the most 'shocking' things it did was take the biggest 'star' and kill her off first.  Drew Barrymore was up for the challenge, and thus, an "Billy & Stu" hollowed her out like a pepper ready to be stuffed.  More after the break.

It's kind of an irony that a movie that 'brought everything up to date' uses some Jiffy Pop popcorn to set the tension.  Outside of the kettle corn guys, I haven't seen anyone make popcorn outside of a microwave in over a decade.

So, lets get you ready for the Halloween season with the opening of the horror classic "Scream".



p.s.  Go back and watch Scream 4. It's better than you remember, it was just blown up too big to live up to the hype.  2 is classic too. 3 is a mess and an embarrassment.