Kid Rock and Sean Penn are two people clearly on opposite sides of the political isle. And they prove it in this profanity laden 10 minute film they both wrote and produced. But in the end, they're both still Americans.

Sean Penn clearly leans liberal, and Kid Rick is clearly leaning conservative, but does that mean that they can't get along? Not according to them. One of the best parts about this video is that if you really needed some new political insults, they've got a bunch of them!

What starts as the 2 almost throwing it down bar-fight style, ends with Sean taking Kid to trade in his gas guzzler for a Prius, and to a gay wedding! Meanwhile, Kid makes Sean ditch his martini for a beer, they also make sandcastles together and trade T-shirts, so Sean is wearing a NASCAR shirt, and Kid is wearing one that says "PETA Rocks".