For those of you that live near Palo Duro Canyon yes all those men in dark colored SUV's with blacked out windows are scouting the town and surrounding area for prostitutes, wait I mean checking out the town in order to prepare for a visit by two former Presidents.On Tuesday at 8 p.m. former President Bill Clinton will be speaking at West Texas A&M University’s First United Bank Center.

Then Thursday through Saturday former President George W. Bush will bike the trails of the state park accompanied by 20 “wounded warriors”  who were picked for their bravery and sacrifices while serving  in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The past several days Secret Service agents have been scouring the town and the trails making sure everything for these visits is secure and ready to go.

According to a representitive from The State Of Texas Parks and Wild Life Division says all trails will be open to the public during the second annual Bush Center Warrior 100K Ride, but the portiions where the president and the veterans are riding will be closed to the public for a few hours each day while they make their journey through those protions of the trails.

Let's hope the locals in Canyon show some Texas style hospitality....the legal kind