So the story of my personal Facebook feed is kind of strange. I created one, hated it and left Facebook. Later I took over the RockShow Facebook page and dumped every single person down to zero because I didn't want anyone to think that MY personal feed represented what we did on the show (lost 5000 people, took almost three days). About 3700 came back and I dumped them again. Now I sit with a little over 600 friends and they represent everyone from the music industry to a few city officials to out and out gangstas.

First off, I have never, ever, ever sent a friend request. The way my brain works, if I'm going to offend you, you have to ask to be offended. Next, when someone sends a request, I take a quick look at their page. If it looks like that person would be drama on my page then I don't accept the request. It's not that I think that I'm too good for them, I just don't want to upset them. To be honest, those with strong religious convictions and are a little too into politics are left behind.

With all that said, I've had a ton of people say they like being on my feed even though they don't always agree with it. Now, stripping away the boring stuff, I thought I'd share with you some of the more random thoughts on my feed (some under the influence of Sudafed or alchohol). So here you go, it's "Random Posts From Wes's Facebook".

*My morning show partner and I are very different people brought together by our love of saying the word "butthole" on the radio.

*Is it just me or is it hard to get in the mood to trim your pubes when you have a snotty nose?

*Despite being sick as hell, I had to go eat ice cream in the rain. I'm just an ice cream in the rain kind of guy.

*Remember, if you have a problem with a gay, bi or transgendered person, look inside yourself for answers, because they obviously know who they are.

*Thank goodness no celebrities have died today, although it sure smells like it in the bathroom.

*Taco Villa's Migas Breakfast Burrito=Winner.

*Dentist this morning. Conference calls all day. Maybe I can work in a kick in the balls sometime if I try hard enough.

*(Beside a picture of atheist Lauren Bacall) If there's a hell, I'm gonna hit this.

*I have done many damnable, dangerous and oddball things in my life, but I have never, ever shit my pants.

*The dead don't really care if you disrespect them, it's the living that are assholes about it.

*Sometimes you have no other option than to have an ice cream in one hand while you use the other hand to pee.

*I believe people deserve a chance to be loved, that doesn't mean that I love people.

*I am available for ass whuppin's for the next 90 minutes.

*You're never actually CHOOSING to go to a drugstore, you're actually PAYING to not have to go to Wal-Mart.

This was one of my favorite pix on the feed:

and this was the final one I wanted to include:

*I noticed that my friends are from all races, sexes, cultures and pretty much any other difference that humans could have. I am honored that such a diverse group of people chose to include me in the people they call friends. Be awesome to everyone and before you know it, you'll live in a better world.

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