Wholly smokes this is awesome.  I haven't had time to watch the whole thing, but I will. I jumped straight to Corduroy live and it's killer. I mean, REALLY killer.  Any other band would be lucky to put on that kind of a performance for an encore, and they do it only eight minutes into the show.  There's two full hours of HD shot video and music here and it's amazing.

If you're not a fan of Pearl Jam, you're missing out. You really need to see them live to completely understand how much you become a part of the music when they play.  As for this video, I don't know how it got released straight to the internet. It has tons of camera angles, including cameras that fly through the crowds.  This is a big production value show.  If you have to, at least skip to Alive/Baba O' Reilly/Yellow Ledbetter near the end of the two hours (1:52:13)  and just let the jams flow over you.  This is some amazing stuff.