I never really like the character of "Lucy" on the Big Bang Theory. If you remember she was the really skinny, big-eyed girl who played Raj's girlfriend this past series. I kind of didn't like her because I thought she overplayed the part just a bit and I wondered, "why did they choose this girl?". Now I'm not hatin', she just wasn't my cup of tea. Well it turns out she has a pretty big comedy background, most notably in the group "Garfunkle & Oates".


So I watch a video this girl was in that was so vile that I figured I better not post it here.  Then I watched another video and, yeah, pretty much the same.  Then a third.  Then I finally stumbled onto this video they did for "Funny Or Die" which is still off color and features some dirty words, just not as many as the other videos.  Oh, by the way, the actress/singers name is Kate Micucci.