In my house, the excite-o-meter for "Dark Shadows" is at full on stiffy!  We just barely remember the show from when we were little kids, so we have pretty fond memories of it.  We of course were too young to notice the bad production values and bizarre story lines.  The new movie seems to borrow just the basic premise, and adds a healthy dose of comedy.  We've got another look at the movie, this time from the U.K.  Click through for more.

The incredibly beautiful 'witch' in the trailer is Eva Greene.  She makes me feel all squirmy on the inside.  She is hot, hot, hot.  Keep in mind the lovely Michelle Pfiefer is in the movie too, but Eva is still HOT!  Also starring the movie as a surly teen is Chloe Moretz who played "Hit Girl" in the movie "Kick Ass".  Check it out!