I guess more than a few of you are a little ready to party? Are you ready to get that little electricity that comes from going crazy at a rock show? It looks like we're in for a really fun night at this year's Freakfest.

A good reminder for this show is that it won't be going super late. There are three awesome bands, and the show kicks off at 7 p.m. (doors at 6 p.m.).

You always have to remember that set times are a baseline; they're subject to change. They can even run early if the production guys see some weather coming or if one of the bands has to cut their set short.

Like anything else, it's important to have a plan, but it's important to change plans if things come up. With that in mind, here's what we have for Sunday:

6 p.m. : Doors
7-7:30 p.m.: Nothing More
7:50-9:05 p.m.: Breaking Benjamin
9:35-10:50 p.m. Shinedown

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