You have spent time time with your family on this Easter Sunday and now its time for you to get out of your normal routine and meet new people and have one of best concert experiences of your life with Goatwhore!

I have been so stoked for this show since it was put together 4 days ago. When I say you will have fun at this show, that's exactly what I mean. Come out meet some new people and get out of your routine and come and hang out with the FMX crew and of course Goatwhore.

Doors for this show open at 6pm. Here are the set times, and the price at the door is $10 located at Jake's 50th and Slide.

Doors 6pm

Violent Vendetta 630 - 655

DxOxCxSx 710 - 740

Abloshment Of Flesh 755 - 825

Astringency - 840 - 910

Goatwhore will take the stage at 930 and play for an hour or so!


I really hope you come out and check out this show, you will see nothing but laughs and good times with friends tonight in The Backroom at Jake's 50th and Slide.