There is no lower form of life than someone who will insult you from the comfort of their keyboard. Those who also do it anonymously are really worse than anything you could scrape from the bottom of your shoe. We're talking about "Keyboard Warriors" here folks and they are about the most cowardly bunch you will ever encounter. Heck, even most behavior described as "douche-like" is because that person suffers from excessive confidence. Keyboard Warriors hide in the dark like roaches (then again, maybe they do that so they don't get stepped on) and make people described as douches look like Braveheart

So while zipping around this internet, I put together a small collection of memes that made me smile. I hope you'll get a smile from a few of these!  More importantly, I hope you'll realize that the next time you have a problem with someone online, it's just their "keyboard balls" coming out.