We want to thank a listener named Cecil for tipping us off to this.  We alerted our promoter right away and he was told that Sevendust will not be playing Lubbock or San Antonio.  This is regrettable, but not a big deal.


Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Here's the deal with the FMX Big Purple Party.  We know there are going to be at least three bands at the FMX Purple Party that were not scheduled to play who MAY step up.  Each of the three I'm referring to are far bigger bands than Sevendust even in their heyday.  There is also the possibility of Chino of the Deftones stepping up and spinning to close the night. We have a bunch of possibilities, but here's something the promoter has to consider; if we do get hit with rain, one of the main stage bands could be moved inside. 

This is of course a big bummer for the hard core Sevendust fans and we wish we had more answers for you.  As you can see in the picture, the promoter had a contract (I have the whole thing, but it it wouldn't have been proper to put it up). We also have a copy of an email from a product that Sevendust endorses promising that Lajon would be available as a "celebrity bartender".  We think this was a miscommunication between the band and their agent, but we don't even know that for sure.

As with any festival, the promoters main priority is bringing you the bands listed on the ticket and all the others possible.  No one gains from deception, that's why I included a picture of the contract for you to see.  If you remember, Rooster even had an interview with Morgan Rose.  So we had no idea this was coming, except for one listener who is in touch with the band.

Our apologies if this is a problem for you. We are certain we'll have a great time without them.