As you'd expect we're back at it again, this time focusing solely on the vocals with Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge, the same vocal savant that provided his talents for Slash in other past productions. Click through and get yet another inside look at the happenings of the studio.

In this video we hear more of a mellow, powerful ballad that Kennedy is laying down vocals for, and they sound pretty awesome right off the bat. Both Slash and Kennedy discuss the workings of the album and Elvis Baskette provides some insight as well.

As stated before, the album's tracking is finished, so we'll get more details as far as album titles and song lists very, very soon.

Also, as a side note, Slash will be performing with Aerosmith on a small tour later this summer, hitting Dallas and The Woodlands on August 22nd and August 25th respectively.

Check out the video below...