Last night X-fest 10 will be remembered by many as one of the greatest shows to roll through Lubbock. And for bassist Eric Bass of Shinedown he won't ever forget Lubbock, Texas.

We started the day at Ralph's Records where Shinedown signed autographs for everyone that showed up, Everything from guitars, posters and ever a baby were signed.

It finally came time for X-Fest 10 and we saw 3700 people come and support this lineup. P.O.D., Three Days Grace and Shinedown all gave us a memorable show. But the band that stuck out for me was Three Days Grace with their new vocalist Matt Walst of My Darkest Days. To me this was their show to lose fans are re-win over the fans that we on the fence since the departure of their former lead vocalist.

In my opinion it doesn't matter if you sound like the old singer or look like em or whatever,  we need to be entertained. Not only did Matt have the entire crowd in his hands but when Three Days Grace busted out into the Limp Bizkit classic, "Break Stuff" he won over all people that were on the fence about the new look from Three Days Grace.

Now back to Shinedown, myself had heard that vocalist Brent Smith had broke his ankle not bassist, Eric Bass. We didn't some serious investigating and all we knew was everything was fine and the show would go on. Shinedown would later post this pic on their Twitter showing us the 2nd Degree Sprain that Eric Bass received.


Shinedown would give us one of the best live performances we have seen in a very long time. I hope everyone that came out and supported X-Fest 10 had a very memorable time.

Thank you again for your support.