First off, let me get something "off my chest" (see what I did there).  This is a classic example of bringing a "straw man" into an argument.  Now while they may use a gun in the add to make a point, it has NOTHING to do with whether women should be allowed to be topless or not.  Your ability to own, use or carry a gun has no play in this argument at all. That, is the "straw man".

This group also brings a second "straw man" into the argument and tries to make a point about breastfeeding. Well, if that was the issue, then event should be some kind of public breastfeeding event. Now, let's get onto the issue.

So now that we've cut away all the marketing b.s., let's get to the real question. Should women be allowed to be topless in public?  I kind of don't see why not. I also don't see why they'd want to.  I've had a helluva sunburn on my chest before and if memory serves me correctly, a woman's chest is a bit more sensitive.

Oddly, this while idea is put forth by "spiritual leader Rael", of what Wikipedia calls "a U.F.O. religion". I guess that's okay, if a bit kooky. Remember, even a busted clock is right twice a day (unless it's digital-Heathen).