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A Very Important Lesson From Dr. Martin Luther King
Today is MLK day. Just like many of our other holidays, the meaning has been watered down and is used for a reason to have sales at department stores. I am no great study of the Dr., but I saw something strangely familiar in his bio.
Can We Hold Off On Storming The Court Now?
Texas Tech Basketball is really something special this year. People were really excited then we lost to #9 Oklahoma, it's no wonder that people stormed the court after we rebounded by beating #2, West Virginia.
The Real Five: AC/DC [VIDEO]
I've done the "Real Five" from AC/DC with tracks featuring Bon Scott, but I think with the passing of Malcolm Young, it's time to look at the top five tracks from AC/DC overall.
School Is Back In Session Today
It's been a weird season. On one hand, it seems like time is slipping by very fast, on the other, it seems like kids have been out of school for a long time.
Facts You Should Know About The Flu
People drive me crazy. I guess we should stop trying to help those people who don't want to be helped, but sometimes their actions affect completely innocent people.