What's going on?

FMX Pumpkin Spice Shirts Have Arrived
We are ready to unveil our latest t-shirt design. We had previously published a picture of what the graphic looked like, but it's always better on the shirt. These shirts have an epic fall touch and we're pretty excited to get them on the backs of the best listeners in all of Wes…
Reagor-Dykes Lawsuit Is Proof of a Busted System
I don't know what's up with Reagor-Dykes. I hope everything gets worked out and everyone goes away happy. What bothers me is that a lot of people are going to have to wait a LONG time for things to get settled.
Lubbock Finally Makes Some Progress on Diverting Storm Water
Well, this is just a roller coaster ride of a story. A blog I wrote about the lack of real progress in diverting stormwater in Lubbock blew up. Then, the city announced a new drainage pipe. I was just about to apologize or thank them for the progress. Then, it rained.
Halloween Should Be A National Holiday
There are no holidays for most folks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving and that's a long stretch, but even more important, Halloween is ingrained in our culture and should be given a fixed date.
Stone Temple Pilots Giveaway Resumes Today
Stone Temple Pilots are tearing it up on the road. After they headline the Monster Energy Stage at River City Rock Fest, they're going to rip through Lubbock.