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The Painman

Hosted by Frank Pain

Midday Mayhem

The Painman is what his forefathers called ”a dirty Irish sumbitch.” With red hair and a heart like a burning cabbage, Painman’s love of music runs deep. He has developed Midday Mayhem completely contrary…


Hosted by Driver

My mama was a coyote and my daddy was the ace of spades. I was born in the back of a ‘56 Chevy pickup that was running moonshine from New Mexico to Texas. As a baby I was so tough I used a cactus for a rattle and a live snake for …

Loudwire Nights

Hosted by Toni Gonzalez

Loudwire Nights, hosted by Toni Gonzalez and Tony LaBrie, airs every weeknight from 7PM to midnight. The show features some of the best bands in rock music, including Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, Metallica, Guns N¹ Roses, Ozzy Osbo…