Here's what I like about Xmas.  People are generally in a better than average mood.  Some people tend to think about others and give a little more.  Fudge.  That's about it.

Here's what I hate about Xmas.

*People saying "Let's keep Christ in Xmas".  December 25th was a pagan holiday. Get over it.  If you steal a holiday, don't complain when someone else tries to steal it back.

*All the plastic crap. We buy a plastic tree, cover it with plastic ornaments, and put plastic toys under it for the kids.

*Gift cards.  Gift cards say "I care, I just don't care enough to have to shop for you".

*The begging.  I am VERY generous around Xmas. I make a very nice sized donation to a local animal shelter. I also like the bell ringers. There's just too much other stuff out there though.  Every single place you turn someone is asking you for money.

*It just goes on FAR TOO LONG.  Xmas stuff starts appearing three or more months before the day and nothing gets put up until a couple of weeks afterward.