Did you know that Summer officially started Saturday?  Well, it was easy to tell from the signs I've included in the post.  It's also a very different thing in Lubbock.  Heck, Lubbock is one of the few places where you can literally smell the roads on a hot day.  Plus the only thing higher than the temperature is the hopes for the next seen of Raider Football.  Read and remember and next year you'll know when we hit the solstice without a calendar.

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So here's how you know it's Summer In Lubbock:

*We complain it's too hot to cook in our 72 degree air conditioned houses and instead cook over a 400 degree flame in 100 degree weather.

*The Panhandlers are now using their signs as fans

*The stench of the cattle yards blowing in, is replaced by the stench of the playa lakes blowing out

*The grass has quit growing but the sticker plants haven't

*Tex-Dot crews now tearing up the roads day AND night

*The dog doo in the backyards has started reaching that optimum degree of whiteness

*It's the only time of year where you wish the wind would blow

*We've reached that perfect balance between wanting the students back because their fun and not wanting them back because they're buttholes

*The homeless have cut down to two winter coats

*Everyone is actually happy to go to Wal-Mart....just for the free air conditioning

*You think $3.50 is a reasonable price for a bag of ice

*The mosquitoes are now big enough to carry off housecats

*You see mirages when you walk out to the dumpster

*You've started to reminisce about our rainy season, all three days of it

*The Buddy Holly Statue has pit stains