This one just may drag me back to theaters. When I first saw the original Sin City my immediate thought was that "all comic book movies should be done this way". Just imagine The Crow or Batman or even Conan done in this badass black and white with only occasional colors style.

Chris Jackson, Getty Images

So I was already a fan of "Sin City" then they had to go over the top and put my dream girl Eva Green in it. Green who was in 300: Rise Of An Empire and Dark Shadows just radiates sexiness and has no problem being naked at the drop of a hat.  I seriously suggest you go back and fall in love with her as the evil Morgan in the ten episode series Camelot.  Green will also be seen in the upcoming "Penny Dreadful" series on Showtime.  Wait...wasn't this blog about a movie or something?  Here's the preview for "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" .