What follows is an actual conversation I had.  I'm not going to tell you who with.  I actually like the company a lot and I'm sure they lady was sweet and doing what she was told or something.  With that said, you're not going to believe the crap that falls out of peoples mouth.

So Tuesday afternoon I was expecting a delivery at a remote location. I pretty much had to stay by the phone, because the driver was supposed to call me when he was on the way at which point I'd run out and unlock the gate.  When it got to about 4:00, I thought I'd better call and this is how it went:

Biz:  Can I Help You?

M: Yeah, I had a ______being delivered this afternoon, could you make sure I'm still on the schedule?

Bix:  Hold On.  (returns a minute later). Yes, your delivery is ON schedule it will be there tomorrow morning.

M; Uh, that's not ON schedule.  I mean that's okay, but that's not ON schedule.

So, on what planet is delivering something the next day, considered being "on schedule"?  I personally think there is a BIG difference between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.  Don't believe me?  It's simple.  Take a whole bunch of fast acting laxative just before Tuesday afternoon, and try to hold it until Wednesday morning. That pretty much should give you the idea of how different Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning are.

What happened to people showing up on time?  What happened to appointments?  When did everything start being fluid?  How many times have you been told a service person would be by "between the hours of____and ____" and no one ever shows up?  Even better, how many times have you sat in a doctors office for hours before someone saw you?  It's really not that hard to set, move or keep appointments.  And when you don't keep those appointments, it's okay to say "sorry" and move on, but don't tell me you're "on schedule" when you're coming 18 hours later.