The Carnival of Madness is just over a week away and we're stoke here at FMX to be able to bring you this show. It's the triumphant return of Evanescence to the Hub City along with a few of Lubbock's favorites. That being said, there are some things you'll need to know before you head out to the Lonestar Amphitheater on Friday, August 17th.

Here's a run down of all the things we think you need to know before you head out. Some you may know and some you may not.

1. Bring Cash: Yes, it's true that there are always ATM machines at the Amphitheater but often they run out of money before the night ends or sometimes they lose connection. That leaves you without cash to buy drinks at the bar, food or merchandise. So make sure you pull out some cash before you come.

2. No Re-Entry: This is the #1 question for security. Is there re-entry for the show? The answer is yes, but only if you buy another ticket. Rarely can you go to a concert and them allow re-entry. Once you're in, you're in. Enjoy the show. There's nothing in your car you need to go get. And if you were going to your car for money then sorry, you were already warned above. You can however leave for a medical emergency (inhaler, allergy medication....) if you are escorted.

3. Buy Your Tickets Early: You can save yourself $5 per ticket if you buy them here at the radio station or at Cap*Rock Winery. Tickets in advance at both locations are only $35. Plus if you come to the radio station you can say hi to us, or if you stop at Cap*Rock you can try some tasty wine. That is if you're over 21!

4.Respect Those Around You: There's never a need for a fight to break out during a show. Everyone down in the mix will be bumped and touched, but that doesn't mean it needs to become confrontational. We're all there for one reason, the music. So enjoy it you knuckleheads.

5. Parking: Parking inside the fence of the Lonestar Amphitheater is $5. Parking not inside is free, but you run more of a risk of your car getting messed with. It's up to you where you park, just bring Honest Abe with you if you plan on easier parking.




6. What's Not Allowed To Be Brought In:

  • Weapons of Any Sort
  • Chains Longer Than 10 Inches
  • Professional Cameras (Disposable and Regular Digital Cameras Are Fine)
  • Outside Food and Drink
  • Wacky Tobacky (But We Know You Will Anyways)
  • Coolers
  • Chairs

FMX Presents the Carnival of Madness Tour
Feat. Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, CAVO & New Medicine
Friday, August 17th at the Lone Start Amphitheater
Tickets on sale now through Ticketfly