We are counting down the days to the FMX Big Purple Party! What makes the BPP so unique is the fact that there's literally something for everybody.

This year, Skid Row will have the privilege of carrying the torch for those of us with a soft spot for that rock 'n roll from the 80's. It's always such a personal thrill to gaze out over the crowd and see parents smiling at their kids with that look on their face that says...YEAH! This is how it's done!

The band has found new life with the addition of Johnny Solinger at the helm. They'll tour the world this summer doing shows from Lubbock to Kostrzyn, Poland, where they'll headline Woodstock, on July 31.

Look for their new seven-song EP "United World Rebellion-Part 2" in stores, on August 5.

We hope to see you on the 25th of May.