For only the second time ever Slayer performed with only 2 original members at this years Soundwave Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Slayer had been in the news lately with announcement that drummer Dave Lombardo would be sitting out Slayer's current tour due to contract issues. Guitarist Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from a flesh eating disease that may have been caused by a spider bite. Filling in for Dave Lombardo is Jon Dette of Testament and Anthrax while Gary Holt of Exodus is filling in for Jeff Hanneman.


In the music industry we see bands make all kind of lineup changes throughout their careers and what not, it is very rare to have a band that not only has staying power but keeps the same lineup. Now I am not talking about Jeff Hanneman having to step out because of an illness, I am talking about Dave Lombardo having to step out over contract issues which I think is foolish. Now everyone had the right to protect themselves for whatever reason but to not come to some sort of an agreement blows my mind.

Hopefully we can see a resolution to this situation but the lineup is set for now with Tom Araya on bass and vocals, Kerry King on guitar, Gary Holt on guitar and Jon Dette on drums.

Check out the entire Soundwave performance from Slayer with the new lineup.