Let's face it, we've got some problems in the music business, and this latest debacle between Slayer and now former drummer Dave Lombardo is a perfect example of a problem in today's music industry.

News broke earlier this week that Dave Lombardo had been basically terminated from Slayer, much to the surprise to many fans. No one's exactly sure why he was ousted, and we'll probably never know. The problem appeared to be hunger for money, as always, which is, to this day, still one of the biggest problems in the music industry. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Swirls of Facebook posts from both Lombardo and Slayer's main account point the blame at one another (of course) and at the end of the day, Lombardo is going to be replaced by Jon Dette for the upcoming Slayer dates in Australia.

Hopefully, Dave and Slayer can find some grounds of peace and go on about their respective business with the least turmoil possible.

For more on this, stay tuned, as I'm sure more information will be brought into the light before too long.

Here's video from a happier time...