Of all the album that I have heard "Iowa" from Slipknot changed how I listen to music!In celebration of the ten year anniversary of "Iowa" Slipknot will re-release the album with all kinds of extra stuff for fans!

The first CD will feature the original "Iowa" album. The second CD will feature Disasterpieces - Live In London 2002. The DVD will feature a film entitled "Goat." I am pretty stoked and will have mine on November 1st when it is released!

This is one of the greatest metal albums of all time in my opinion. Being from the state of Iowa we didnt have any pro sports teams or anything like that. Slipknot gave us a reason to be proud of being and growing up in Iowa.  Its because of that inspiration that I have Slipknot's "Iowa" tattooed all across my back!

Disc 1:


01. (515)
02. People = Sh*t
03. Disasterpiece
04. My Plague
05. Everything Ends
06. The Heretic Anthem
07. Gently
08. Left Behind
09. The Shape
10. I Am Hated
11. Skin Ticket
12. New Abortion
13. Metabolic
14. Iowa
15. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)

Disc 2:

Disasterpieces - Live In London 2002

01. (515)
02. People = Sh*t
03. Liberate
04. Left Behind
05. Eeyore
06. Disasterpiece
07. Purity
08. Gently
09. Eyeless
10. Drum Solo
11. My Plague
12. New Abortion
13. The Heretic Anthem
14. Spit It Out
15. Wait And Bleed
16. 742617000027
17. (sic)
18. Surfacing

Disc 3:

* Goat (hour-long film capturing the insanity of Iowa, directed by M. Shawn Crahan.

Music Videos:

* My Plague
* Left Behind
* The Heretic Anthem (Live)
* People = Sh*t (Live)