The follow up to "Black Friday" and precursor to "Cyber Monday" is "Small Business Saturday".

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Shopping small and/or local is an incredible idea. I think most people focus on the economy that travels through our local economy, but there is another huge upside. When you shop our local small businesses, you are much more likely to find something person and unique for the people you are shopping for.

These days most of our local small businesses offer gift certificates if you're looking to take some added pressure off the gift-giving season too. Just think about all the cool local stuff you can get from Texas Tech gear to food certificates and so much more.

Small Business Saturday is such a cool, organic feeling thing that we often forget it was actually developed and is supported by American Express. If you have a local business, AmEx has marketing materials you can use to help promote the day.

No matter the reason, shop small this Saturday. It will make a difference right here in Lubbock.