So I was listening to a little retro Blue Oyster Cult over the control room speakers and the Heathen said "I realize this sounded good in the 70's when you were stoned, but it's not so good now".  Okay, I can accept his criticism, and even work with it.  More after the jump.


Let's start out by saying 'buzzed' can mean anything. Heck, sometimes when you're hopped up on energy drinks and you hear "Highway to Hell" it's an epic moment.  Then there are the times when you want to really focus in and mellow out on some Tool or something.   So, "What's The Best Song To Hear When You Are Buzzed". Answer here!


And for the record, Heathen wasn't really making fun of the song, he was making of the it is in all it's glory...try to make it through about 30 seconds (FYI that's Stephen King as "The Narrator").