You wanna know why they have remakes?  Because sometimes the original just doesn't hold up.  It could be the movie is not fast paced enough for us now, we no longer care about the original actors or some writer or director wanted to add their own twist or take on the story.  More after the jump.

We tried to watch "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" this past weekend.  We suffered through about 30 minutes of wacky faces, double takes and cheesy songs before we tapped out.  We had never seen the film before, we just knew that it was considered a 'classic' and that there have been innumerable revivals of the stage play and so on.  I also tried to watch Scarface in the past few years and the bad 80's music that is blasted in nearly every scene make that movie damn near unwatchable, it's just better to watch clips of your favorite scenes on YouTube.  I CAN usually rewatch stuff like old Clint Eastwood westerns, they tend to hold up.  What about you?  What Was The Last Good Old Movie That You Watched?