Halloween "Trick Or Treating" is almost gone, but dressing up has never been more popular.  Some of the new costumes are crazy cool too (I really like the Spiderman Costumes with the muscles built in).  So, think back, whether it was just a few years ago or many moons ago, what was your favorite?  More after the jump.


Heathen and I were just talking about it, one of the best costumes when we were kids was to go as a 'hobo'.  Yes, there was a time, when all kids really wanted was to dress up as homeless people.  Back then though, your choices were pretty much hobo, pirate or lady.  For the girls it was pretty much witch, princess, or man.  There just wasn't much variety back in the day.  A few of you had more creative parents, or just saved money for a better costume.  So What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume As A Kid.  Answer here.