Everybody thought the Manson/Rob Zombie tour was a 'dream' match up.  As you may have heard, it's not looking good.  Among other thing, Zombie has two of Manson's former band members in his band, so it's not a real recipe for success.  None of that matters though, what matters is what you want, now what you'll get.  More after the jump. 


So what two bands would you really like to see on the same night, back to back?  The dynamics of your favorite live band change when you hear a great double bill.  What about Slipknot and Stone Sour?  Putting them together sounds like a good bill?  I happen to know that Volbeat worships Social Distortion, wouldn't it be great to see them on the same stage?  That's today's question: "What Would Be Your Dream Co-Headling Tour".  Answer here.