We're kind of spillin' the beans on this one. Kid Rock is looking to possibly play Lubbock in early February.  This leads to the simple question, would you pay to go see him?  More after the jump.

Kid Rock is a bit of a paradox.  There's no doubt that FMX plays him more than anyone else, but we play mostly the early stuff.  Our sister country station plays a couple songs. Our top 40 has played a track or two.  Kid is releasing a new c.d. and it's unclear if it's going to be rock, blues, top 40, country, hip-hop, or Norwegian Disco Music.   One thing we DO know: FMX fans buy the majority of concert tickets in this town.  So one more time, is this the type of show you would go to?  We don't know if this would be a Fairpark or even USA show so if you care "where' you might want to let your preference known on that one as well.  Answer here!