Every Sunday morning I got out and get the weeks groceries.  I take a nice little trip down Avenue Q with portions of I-27 visible.  It's looking like a around an inch or more of snow around these parts but it get's a little worse.

Jamie Squire, Getty Images

I think since the weather changed so rapidly that the first of the snowfall melted then iced up making it slippery.  Snow itself isn't that hard to drive in, but when there's a little ice underneath it, it get's really bad.  I tested this first thing by trying to fishtail around my neighborhood and immediately, just barely, missed a dumpster.  This isn't playing around snow. There were already wrecks on I-27 and practically no one was even on the road before 7 a.m.

The current weather forecast says we'll probably see light snow through about 1:00 today.  We'll go above freezing tomorrow and Tuesday, then back to freezing temps.

It'sSuperbowl Sunday. Stay home and make do with whatever supplies you have. Make a Peyton Manning snowman and either put a championship trophy in his hand, or pretend you're on the Seahawks defense and destroy him.  Your choice.  Just stay in.