I'm about to give up on this topic, then again you don't have to read it if you don't want to.  I am personally disgusted with the knee jerk reaction to recent tornadoes and those who would take advantage of the situation for personal gain, be it financial or political.  More after the jump.

Lubbock is a conservative community.  You still hear people screaming about "socialized medicine" and on and on.  Yet, what are tornado sirens?  SOCIALIZED DISASTER PREVENTION.  Instead of me being able to decide how I want to prepare for tornadoes, I have to pay for what I think is overpriced, outdated and ineffective technology for everybody.  Tornado sirens really bring together all of the elements of a socialized solution.  Weather radios are more effective, a large shelter would save more lives, an advanced reverse 911 system would provide more information.  Yet, this city is acting like chicken little at the sign of the first raindrop and immediately reaching for technology out of the 1950's.

I'm not convincing anyone at this point.  People are stupid.  There's a one in two million chance of you being killed by a tornado,  You're about to pay for these systems and their upkeep for the rest of your life. That's money that could have went to police, first responders and prevention of any number of things that are much more likely to injure or kill you.  You are being sold a bill of goods, a non-solution to a near non existent problem.  No, I would not think differently if tornadoes came to Lubbock. People tend to pay LESS attention when they have these giant babysitters in the sky.  This is what is called a "feel-good" solution. You'll feel better and more protected, but you won't be, you're just paying for giant placebos to be placed around town and for greedy developers to sell or rent tower space for the next 50 years.