The Huffington Post put together a gallery of some of the worst Father's Day gifts that were available this year. Some of them are just stupid. Some of them I won't show you here (but click the link to see them all.) And some of them are just kind of awesome. Stupidly awesome but awesome nonetheless.

Let's start with the "Sweat-Heart Sweet-Shirt" ? Whatever that is. I love being close to my wife but I also like walking without falling down. I'll pass. And who needs a $79 sweatshirt anyway.

Is this thing even real? Where is his other hand? why does the heart on the front have 3 humps? Wouldn't it need 4 for 2 people? What if one of you has to pee? Fail.

Next up is the "Flair Hair." Seriously if your dad "needs" one of these then at least try to match his hair color.

According to their website they've sold more than a million of these? Well the cat is out of the bag because now we know anytime we run into a golfer with awesome blonde spiky hair and an even more awesome visor with man-flames its just the Flair Hair. Sad.

Next the wonderful of "crap you really don't need" brings you the "Rubik's Cube Picture" thingy. I don't really know what its called, but I can guarantee you your dad will never look at your pictures the same again. Because he'll never get it unscrambled. I mean who can solve those things anymore? Especially if you have to guess which ear goes with which eyebrow?

Finally something I hope none of you would ever have to consider, the BAC keychain. Yes its a breathalyzer for your KEYRING! If your dad drinks this much maybe an intervention would be a better gift than a keychain.

However if you look around their website a little harder you might just find a really awesome Father's Day gift. Namely the "Pool Party Underwater Light Show." Epic win.

Of course he would already have to have a pool. Or you can leave that up to your rich brother or sister to front the pool.