As I was looking at Facebook the other day one of my favorite lead singers Chris Barnes posted on his band's Facebook about a new project entitled iHate, I was interested so I followed the link and it took me a site called and I was pretty excited to find out about this site.

The site goes like this, a band will be releasing an album in 6 months, so they go to this site and then their fans will pledge money to help the band the band with the funds to put out said album. But this is what is very cool about the site, is the band will put up incentives on why to pledge, for example for $10 you can get a download of the new album or for $25 you can get a signed copy of the album and then the price goes up depending on the band or artist is offering. I have seen bands offer to put your name in the thank you credits of the album or sit in on a listening party of the album.

For a fan of any kind of music this is a really cool way to get them something very personal from the band that they love.

I personally will be begging for the iHate merch that they have! Checkout the site and see if your favorite band is there and get some really cool stuff!