I don't know how this slipped by me again. Except that we live in Lubbock and for another year didn't have one. One what you say? why "Go Topless Day" of course!

I have been pimping the value of national "Go Topless Day" since I first heard about it a few years ago. I was even tagged and linked on the official webpage gotopless.org back then. (Feel free to share this post too, gotopless.org.)

So many cities in the US have made it legal for women to go topless in public because, why not? They're just bewbs! Sexy, sexy wonderful bewbs! And I know some of you might say "well I don't want my kid seeing that in public". To which I say I don't want to see your ugly face in public either but I don't force you to wear a veil do I? but you know where they do force women to wear a veil? THE MIDDLE EAST! That's where they store all the Talibans! Do you want the United States Of America to copy the Taliban? Well I sure as heck-sticks do not!

If you want to walk around this country hiding your shame then you go ahead. No one is forcing women to go topless. We're just fighting for a woman's right to do so if she feels like it. No one is going to make restaurants cancel their "no shirt, no shoes" policy. But in public spaces, especially outside, women should have the same rights as men to dress as comfortably as they want to! Otherwise the terrorists win, and that is not an America I want to live in!

I understand that parts of this blog sound campy and insincere, but those are the only arguments I ever hear when it comes to impeding the rights of others. Usually its some sort of Bible based moral code. And that's exactly what the fundamentalists of EVERY religion use to usurp freedom from their own people. In all honesty, a woman's right to go topless in public should be directly tied to our basic freedom's as American's! Are you going to let a fringe element of society enforce their moral code upon your body? Or are you going to stand for our freedom's as Americans?

Breasts are wonderful and sexy and functional all at the same time. But just because some guys can't control themselves when they see one doesn't mean the rest of need to be punished. Especially when the guys who can't control themselves, have lost that ability due to the restriction on seeing breasts, which makes them seem so much more desirable. We always want what they won't let us have, right?